Thursday, January 07, 2010

Thoughts on the Report

Obama was supposed to speak at 3:00 p.m.

He decided to be fashionably late and appear at 4:30 p.m.

I was at work and did not see his prepared speech. I got a call at the end of the workday from a reporter asking for my thoughts on his speech, and when I told him that I had not seen it, he emailed me the written Report that had been issued to the public (I would prefer to see the 'real' version which was edited before being given to the media). Click here to read details about what he talked about, if you did not see it either.

It was 6 pages, so I sat down and read it. Rolled my eyes at first, became angry toward the end. What's weird is, throughout this entire aftermath, I have been pretty indifferent. I have not gotten upset really, no anger, nothing. I really think I am still in shock. After reading that report, something in me snapped, and I got ANGRY. I made my first comments to a reporter that really showed how angry I really am about all of this. And I am not looking back in that regard.

Shockingly, the Report states that there was some fault by the Government here. I know. I am still sitting here with my mouth open as well. The Government screws up? And admits it? Of course, following the admission, this was stated "security lapses that led to the near-disaster were not the fault of a single individual or agency".

But, what really made me angry was reading in print about the details. What easily could have been done if the government employees in charge here would have simply DONE THEIR JOBS and followed proper protocol. The jobs that MY, and most Americans, tax dollars pay. Who knows what they earn, but because they were not doing their job properly, my husband and I were almost killed. In any other job in the country, this would constitute being FIRED. Inexcusable. However, our President is going to do nothing, except have them deal internally with this. Report back to him later. Basically, let things just be swept under the rug until Americans kinda forget what happened and we just go back to how things were before. No biggie, right? 8 years have passed since 9-11, so I guess everyone is doing a great job. "Obama didn't tell intelligence officials to change what they're doing. Instead, he told them to just do it better, and faster. He left it to them to figure out how." Why, Mr. President? Because they have done it so well thus far? Don't you think they need a little bit of freaking guidance?

Also, everyone, please note that NOTHING was said about the security issues after we landed, nothing at all said about the well dressed man or the man in orange. Still no video. Notice the video from the Newark incident was ALREADY released, shortly after it occurred.

I really am pretty positive the problem is not going to be fixed based on Obama's report today. I also think the true story of what we saw, and a fix for what happened in Detroit afterwards, will not be talked about.

I wish the government would stop making this about politics. People screwed up. Don't try to protect the current administration by ignoring this.

All I want is an honest investigation. Why is that so difficult?


Anonymous said...

Bravo Lori and Kurt. Much love from the west coast. Been following from the beginning. Keep it up.

There is another interesting blog here that may interest you:

Human said...

Peace to you and yours Mr. and Mrs. Haskell.
"All I want is an honest investigation. Why is that so difficult?"
Because in America investigation does you.
I also want to know has anybody actually seen this "Beau Taylor"? who claims are in contradiction to the Haskells?
I also want to know why I get a tremendous amount of hits from google search on such terms as "Kurt Haskell". I mean, I'm like so unpopular that it's making me blush. Then I got to thinking and checked the results. I'm still way far down. Granted there is a lot of attention to this but how many people you(rhetorical "you") know click beyond the 1st or 2nd page on searches?.
The answer is that the Racketeers are researching and responding to what's on line just like the "government" changes it's story when it's found that what Mr. Haskell says is true.
Hence Mr. "Beau Taylor". Even if a real person, I wonder who he really is. Even Mr. Smith contradicts what he says.

I also would like to know who was the passenger who video taped the entire incident?
And btw - Did you or Mr Haskell see anybody viding the attack on the plane?
Pacis. Is est non bellum.

Anonymous said...

Lori, I understand your anger but wonder if you have read a book which I am reading right now. It is entitled: "Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, the Powerful Forces That Put It in the White House, and What Their Influence Means for America". I cannot help but wonder just what Pres. Obama has been told and in reading this book, I wouldn't doubt at all that the CIA is manipulating this whole situation. The CIA seems to have for a long time been an entity unto themselves. Anyway, just a thought.

Mike S said...

Watch this 84 minute documentary
Lori and you will see alot of yourself in it through these other
women's eyes.One of them is Lori Van Auken who lost her husband on
9/11 and has been lied to by the
government for 8 years.

Human said...

Anon, thanks for sending those links. No wonder why Umar's Father set his own son up. The Father of Umar will directly profit from the U.S. attacks on the people of Yemen.
It all ties in with another report that I cited 2 posts below "U.S. learned intelligence on Airline bomb suspect while he was en route." Peace.

Em said...

I applaud all the things you and your husband are doing to ensure the truth comes to light. I'm so very sorry for all the haslle you all have received.

(I linked to Kurt's information from your January 1 post on my blog today. I hope that is OK. Please let me know if you would like me to remove the link. I think it is so very important for people to read what you all have to say.)

Em at