Thursday, May 19, 2005

Birthdays and Sleep

Have not posted the past couple of days because I am exhausted! My b-day (yesterday) was pretty uneventful. We were going to go to dinner, but after work, I just felt like coming home and watering my trees. So, we came home and did some things around the yard, went to the grocery store, just stayed in. Which was nice. We are going to do my b-day dinner on a night I have more energy. This week has been insane at the office. I basically only get to relax while I am on hold or talking to clients in the office (which is when I surf the net to catch up on everyone else's blogs.
Oh, my friends Stacy and Jean sent me beautiful flowers for my b-day. I love having flowers sitting on my desk and these are awesome. I took some pics to post, but of course, have not had time to download anything yet. Thanks again guys, I really love them. :).
Today was again busy. Besides work, I had to take the cars into the shop for oil change and some other boring stuff, meet the guy to get the VIN for the Spyder and title, and pick up some checks from downtown.
Last night, I woke up at like 3 in the morning. Kurt was getting up and going into the living room. He came back with Gretel. Apparently, he woke from a dead sleep because he heard Gretel crying and felt sorry for her. I guess she was sad because the others were sleeping on the couch, and she was all alone on the floor. So Gretel snuck her way into sleeping with us, little brat! :).

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