Monday, May 30, 2005

Smell of Fresh Paint...

Last night, Kurt started painting the sunroom, and finished this morning. We bought the paint forever ago, probably 3-4 months, but he just got around to painting this holiday weekend. Anyway, it looks awesome. We painted it this color by Eddie Bauer called Gourd, which is a really deep, rich yellow color. It looks awesome with the new furniture. I love color. Now, that we have done one room, I am going to have Kurt painting everything, LOL.
Called Dell today and besides the fact that I was on hold FOREVER, it was the easiest call I have made. They basically made me do one quick check, and then said they were sending a new harddrive as well as a new keyboard for me to install. Usually, they give me a really hard time for whatever reason, and I end up talking to a supervisor/manager. It is so annoying that I have a warranty, yet I have to argue with these people to get parts sent or repaired. I will never buy a Dell laptop again. We have probably had 4 + keyboards on this thing, keys constantly fall off. We also have had a monitor replaced, a harddrive replaced, and various other things fixed. And none of these things are because of any fault on our part.
Been looking online for lighting fixtures for the sunroom and kitchen nook. Found two i really like, but am trying to get this one website I like to match the price from another website. If they do, I am going to order right away. I literally hate almost every light fixture and ceiling fan the previous owner had in this house. He had a really traditional, boring style. It is so odd to me that he would put in all solid oak doors and triple pane windows, but his lighting fixtures are so boring and cheap.
Kurt and all the pugs are sleeping on a chair right now, it's pretty funny. Oscar is snoring, and Gretel and Vito are cuddling. They are so sweet when they are sleeping....

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