Friday, May 13, 2005

No Leashes Required.

We are crazy. We came home work and had a vet appointment. For ALL FOUR ANIMALS. That's right. Kurt and I took all four babies to the vet--at the same time. That is a first, but we managed. It was quite a fiasco. I took the Jeep--Toby in his cage, and Gretel in my lap with her blue blankie. Kurt took the Saturn with the boys, Oscar and Vito. Drove there and the nuttiness began.
You have to understand going into this, my dogs do not like leashes. We never take them on "real" walks. Not because we are bad parents, but because they don't need leashes on our property. We have 27 acres of land, with paths, etc., and we take the pugs on walks at least once a day, all through the property, no leashes required. But, this can pose a problem when trying to take four animals in public together. Anyway, pulled up to the vet, which is on a main road in Monroe. Kurt grabbed the boys and carried them towards the door. All the sudden, as I am starting to grab Toby's cage, I hear Kurt freaking out. I look behind me and Oscar and Vito are both running around the parking lot, toward the road. I immediately threw Gretel in the back seat of the Jeep, and called Oscar. He came right to me, and I grabbed him. Vito, on the other hand was on the sidewalk near the road. Kurt bribed him by saying the word "treat" and he came back. Thank God. It's rush hour in Monroe, and my dogs are running loose on the streets. Anyway. It all calmed down after that. When in the vet, where everyone loves the puggies. Oscar and Vito both got their rabies shots......Toby got a rabies shot and two other shots, and Gretel got her second set of puppy shots. Toby needs some dental work done and a cyst removed, so they took blood work from him to run tests and make sure he is healthy enough for the surgery. They are calling tomorrow. The vet tech gave me a picture of Gretel they took the last time we were in there. Oh, Gretel now weighs 4.2 pounds! She has gained over a pound since her last appointment a month ago. I guess she is getting enough food here, LOL. Took the boys to the car ONE at a time and got home. Easy. OK, maybe not! ;). Oh, and this is funny. We now get a multipet discount at the vet. Hilarious. Maybe that is a sign that I don't need any more pets??
Came home and watered all the trees. Saw birds in lots of the trees again, but I watered faster than usual because it was windy and really cold. I almost needed gloves to be out there on the tractor.
Did some laundry, and took a bath. Read part of a new book I bought, total trashy novel which is so what I need right now. Law school totally turns me off to reading anything intellectual or that involves heavy thinking. Give me Jackie Collins, V.C. Andrews, Danielle Steele. I promise, as soon as I finish school, I will start reading "good" books again. ;).

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