Sunday, May 01, 2005

Studying My Life Away, ;)

Spent most of my day studying, with the exception of some lazy walks on the property with Kurty and the pugs. I so love being outside. Kurt hung the new light I bought a while ago for the bathroom upstairs. It looks really kewl. It's awesome what a nice light fixture can do for a room. The guy who built this house was so odd. He did most of the things top luxury quality, but other things, he just did half ass, like the ugly light fixtures. Maybe we just have really different taste. Anyway, click here to see a pic of the fixture. Watching Desperate Housewives right now while reading more Con Law. Blah. I seriously do not think I could be studying for a more boring class. Con Law II is supposedly a lot more interesting, so I am going to take that to try and lessen my current hatred for Con Law.

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