Thursday, May 05, 2005

Laugh, Cry, or None of the Above??

My favorite excerpts from the article (please note that I am being sarcastic in using the word "favorite"):
He spoke of nurturing the "culture of life" that religious conservatives have made their political anthem, and also of the "culture of death" that he said unnamed opponents embraced.
He exhorted Republicans to hold tight to traditional values as Democrats try to strip God from the public square.
"Be not afraid," he said. "I am standing for calling God to stand in the public square, and for the traditional one man/one woman marriage. There can't be a more important fight than this." (no?? What about the economy, the war we are fighting.....?)
The left "discovered" the right to abortion and a right to privacy, he said. (the left "discovered" this?? ROFLMAO. Not a right to privacy!!! That would be awful. Maybe, we should just let the government install cameras in our homes, that way, nothing bad would ever happen, right?)
"I believe you'll see Roe v. Wade overturned because it's bad law," he said. (Yea, awful bad law that has YET to be overturned).

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