Thursday, May 19, 2005


Kurt and I compete over everything. Whether it be ACT scores, LSAT scores, law school grades, golf, basketball, bowling, trivia.....You get the point. It actually is not as bad as it seems, we have fun with it. I think it's fine to be competitive, as long as you have fun with it. We actually are very proud of the other's accomplishments--and don't truly get "mad" if the other wins. That said, sometimes we compete when we should not...................
This morning, very early, we were at the office finishing a Brief and an Order that Kurt needed for two hearings this morning. As we walked into the office, Kurt asked if I had my office key to put back on the ring because I had taken it off. I handed it to him and walked in the door. Finished the documents, printed, and started out the door to go home and take a shower. As I was walking out the door, Kurt says "Where is that key? Do you have a key to get back in?" I say "I gave you the key when we were walking in......did you put it on my ring or somewhere else?" He says "No, you did not give me the key." Keep in mind, only like 20 minutes had passed since I gave him the key. He insisted OVER and OVER again that he did not have it, nor had I given it to him. Then, he looked on his key ring, and Voila! It was there. He looked at me and smiled, knowing I was right (which of course, I loved).
I said to him "You are going to compete with me on everything for the rest of our lives, aren't you???
His response "NO I'M NOT!"
I guess it's good we are both going to be lawyers. It must be in our blood. :)

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