Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Sunday and Beyond.....

Sunday was a really odd day. We slept in really late, which is rare for us. Did not even get up until 11 a.m., and that was like 13 hours of sleep. We needed it. We ran some errands we wanted to, including going to the tree place and another nursery to look at pine trees. Kurt is going to order some pine trees to put in this weekend for Memorial Day. Then, we were driving around looking for any land for sale around our house and saw this sign for a house for sale on Toll Road. Toll Road runs behind our house, but WAY far back, past the back of our property. So basically, this house's land backs up to the back of our property, and is on Toll Road. There was an open house, so we stopped. The house is really nice and on 7.2 acres. Of course, now Kurt wants it. He wants to buy the house, cut off their land and attach it to ours and either resell it or rent it out. So, we put in a bid which was accepted. She is doing a for sale by owner, so really, she could make this hard if she wants, but apparently, she is moving to Nashville and wants to leave now. So, we called our mortgage guy and he is already working on everything. We will see if everything goes through, but if it does, we are going to make a fortune on this house. She has it listed at about $50,000 under market. So, keep your fingers crossed. ;). Had dinner that night with Auntie and my Grama. We ended up at Ruby Tuesdays. They brought me b-days gifts which I opened, and loved, and we had dessert at the house which she had picked up from Maria's, the best Italian bakery in Canton. Went to bed straight after that. I was SO tired.

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