Saturday, May 07, 2005

Shady Trees

Have had a really busy weekend so far......Besides the fact that I am studying for exams on Monday, a ton has been going on here.
Friday night, we went out to dinner for Auntie's birthday (which was the 4th). We tried a place I have not been to yet called Tirami Su, in Northville. It was really yummy. I had an angel hair pasta meal, with a tomato cream sauce and rock shrimp. It was great. Bought her a pan she wanted, and a really kewl coral necklace from Elder Beerman.
Today, ALL of our new trees were put in. I can't even start to explain the difference it made in our yard. We have 15 red maples lining the frontage of the house, near the ditch. Then, on the side of the house, going toward the back yard, we have 4 tulip poplars. Right near the house, kinda in front of the dining room window is 1 Kwanzan Flowering Cherry. Then, in the backyard, we put two Gingkos. We spread the rest of the 12 Gingkos throughout the field in the far back of the yard. I already want to go back and buy more! I think I want to buy a few Willow Oaks for the front yard, and some other flowering trees, because those just look awesome.
I could not believe how quickly the trees were put in. It was crazy. I am so glad we hired someone to do the work. :).
Kurt finished putting the tiller together today, and used it to make some trails and my veggie garden out back. After my finals, I am going to plant some veggies. Just ones we eat here though. I am not going all out or anything. Just basic this year and if it works out, plant more next year for family and friends.
Overall, had a really productive fun day. I am getting a lot of sun being outside so much. And yes Grama, I wore sunscreen today!

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