Sunday, May 08, 2005

Forgot About....

I just realized I forgot to post some things about Friday! We decided, for the first time since like last year, to close the office early on Friday and leave to relax, run some errands. I was shocked that Kurt actually came to Elder Beerman with me to shop. He never shops (as most of you know). It was actually fun to shop with him, but I don't expect to really happen again soon, LOL. We had to buy Auntie's b-day gifts, which he helped me find. Kurt also bought himself three shirts that he actually picked out himself (Shocking) and a pair of dress shoes. I found a great deal on some really funky Kangaroo tennies. The shoes were regular price $65, but on a clearance rack for $16! I was psyched. I so love unique shoes. :).
I also showed Kurt this awesome emerald ring I fell in love with while shopping with Auntie--and he bought it for me for my b-day. I love it. I have so much jewelry, that I really have to like something to want it, and I loved this ring. Emerald rings are really hard to find, jewelers just generally do not have them in settings I like. I had to get it sized, so I should get it back right around my b-day. Fun.
Today, besides studying, we worked outside today. I took these two chairs the guy who lived here before us had left and bought this hammered black paint spray and started to work on redoing the chairs. They look really good. Kurt used the tiller to make paths to all the trees in the yard, so the dogs and I and Kurt took a really long walk to all of them this morning. Also planted veggies in my garden today. Hopefully, they grow well, but I am not counting on it. :).
Gotta run, more studying to do!

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