Thursday, May 05, 2005

Corruption--Whatever You Say

OK, I am sorry, but I truly do not think a middle school band playing "Louie, Louie" is corrupting ANYONE. I am so sick of the radical Christian population trying to turn anything and everything into something "bad" or "immoral" for their children. So many books, lines of thinking, etc. have been taken from public schools because one or a few closed-minded parent(s) decide that their child is being is being harmed by whatever the topic may be. It is hilarious to me that one day, these individuals are trying to push prayer on EVERYONE at the school (because, God forbid, someone not be Christian), and the next day are trying to ban students from learning about evolution, or from reading "To Kill a Mockingbird" or from playing a song in band.
You know, I played this song in band and truthfully, I can say the only words anyone knew to the song were "Louie, Louie." Noone in my band knew the words or considered this song corrupt whatsoever.
I really wish parents would allow their children to learn and absorb any and all knowledge out there. I was raised Christian, but I can tell you my Mom encouraged me to learn and to explore whatever it was I wanted to, and I believe I am a much better person for it. She never imposed her views on me, and allowed me to make decisions on everything myself. If I asked, she would offer advice (which is generally right still to this day), but she would never tell me something I believed or wanted was wrong because she thought it was "immoral". I hear so many parents doing that these days, and I think it is such a shame and stops a lot of kids from being well-rounded individuals and productive in society.

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