Monday, May 16, 2005

Eyes in the Woods

OK, the kewlest thing happened tonight. Words really cannot describe it......but it was such a beautiful sight to experience, and it totally made my night. Ok, probably my week. Maybe even my month.
I was sitting on the back porch, talking to my Mom, thanking her for my b-day gifts she sent (which I love, thanks again, Mom!!!!!!!!) Just as the conversation was about to end, I saw movement in the woods and almost fell out of my patio chair when I saw a beautiful deer saunter out into our yard. It was so graceful, and did not notice me whatsoever. Just as I was telling my Mom about it, SO excited......Another deer walked out. I think it was probably the mate to the first. They walked right next to eachother, slowly, through my yard. They were probably only 30 feet from me, I think the closest I have been to a deer (besides the ones in petting zoos, etc.). It was so peaceful, sitting in my backyard, talking to my Mom on the phone, and watching the deer. They walked through a lot of the yard, by a couple hills, by some of the trees we planted. They finally walked over by our large barn and disappeared from sight....
I was beyond excited. When we moved in, the guy we bought the house from told us he had seen deer before, but we had not really believed him--until now. we see a ton of wildlife, but not any deer until tonight. I really wish Kurt could have been here with me, but he is at a meeting in Livonia. :(. He is going to be SO jealous. I don't even know if he will believe me or not, since we have not even seen a SIGN of a deer until I saw them tonight.
Maybe this is an early b-day present to me? I say thank you to the person who sent me the early gift..........

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