Sunday, May 15, 2005

Cheese Town

Got up this morning (Saturday) and headed to Pinconning to visit Kurt's Mom, Grama, sister, nephew, and niece. Bought this new radar detector (click here) for the Carrera and got to test that out. I researched for a long time on which one to buy, and so far, I am very happy with my selection. We really need to get used to it though, because every time it went off, we about jumped a mile because we were not expecting it. I am hoping it cuts down on the amount of tickets Kurt gets. For some reason, the cops are not as lenient with him as they are with me, LOL.
Seeing everyone was nice. We went into Bay City for the day to have lunch and go to a few stores. We needed to buy Kurt's Mom a late Mother's Day gift, and ended up buying her a dresser at Target for her bedroom. We put it together for her as well, then headed home. O
On the way home, Kurt suggested stopping at Soaring Eagle casino, which we did. The poker wait was INSANE, so we played some Blackjack and left. Nothing is the same as Vegas. I don't really like casinos unless I am in Vegas. The smoke factor for one. In Vegas, many of the tables are smoke-free, and the poker rooms are almost always smoke free. Here, we had people blowing constant smoke in our faces, and everyone was so serious. Mostly everyone in Vegas is there to have fun, and here, people were getting all emotional if they lost a hand. Got home really late, played with the puggies and went to bed.
Today, we have been at the office most of the day. Kurt mowed the front yard early this morning, and then we came in here. We are leaving in a couple minutes, yay. I hate working on Sundays.

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