Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The End and Weddings

The End. I just finished taking my last final of the semester. And of course, it was the longest final--I wrote like 5 bluebooks (these 8 page books we get to write our essays in). This class was an elective and I could not believe the exam was so intense. I was literally writing from the start until the end. Never put my damn pen down! :). But, I am done. Yay. And then I was thinking, I only have like 2 weeks until I start again--Yuck. Need to go online and order my books, and Julias, for this semester.
Today was hell. I got to the office to print off my outlines for the finals today and noticed it was 9:08 a.m. and my secretary was not in yet. Hmm. checked the messages and she had left a message that she "had some things to do" including picking up one dog from the vet, dropping another off--so she was going to take the day off and would "make it up." OK, how do you flipping MAKE UP missing work on a day I have finals?? I called her and she was like "OH, I thought you were done with finals." I was like, um no. And what, she thinks it is OK to miss work as long as I don't have school? This is getting really exasperating. I mean, she only works two days a week and she probably misses, on average, one day a month. It is not fair to Kurt and really not fair to me. Also found out from my process server that she is ENGAGED. To one of our former clients. I have no clue why she will not tell us. The process server thinks she thinks we would be mad. Why she would ever think they is beyond me. I have known all along (sensed it) that she was dating the guy (she referred him to our office in the first place). How odd.

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