Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I have not posted in so long.....I am going to break my posts up into a few entries......Kurt was mowing the lawn on Saturday and accidentally ran over the cable modem, therefore, we were internetless until tonight (at least at home).
Friday night, after work, we went to Fox Hills to have dinner with Kerry/Max/Sara, Marla/Scott/Bodie, and Julia and Jay. It was SO great to see everyone. Sara has grown so much, and it beyond cute and Bodie was a total ham. He is such a little entertainer. They were both really good at dinner. Julia and Jay, although told NOT to, brought me birthday gifts, which I love. Click here and here to see them. I have only tried the Vanilla Cupcake and Chocolate Frosting shower gels so far, but both are AWESOME. Thanks again Julia and Jay!
We were EXHAUSTED when we got home. Went straight to bed.

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