Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Winners, Watering, and Relaxation

Had a busy day at the office. Lots of drafting, me taking finals really screws up the office.
My night was great though. No studying, no school. Came home and watered everything outside. Kurt hooked up my new water tank. It is 45 gallons and hooks to the back of the Kubota so I can drive around the property and water all the trees, shrubs, flowers, etc. It is great. I had a fabulous time watering all the trees, and seeing animals. I saw a bunch of bunnies, as well as birds galore. It is so exciting for both Kurt and I to see birds already starting to hang out in the trees we put in. We want nothing more than animals in the area to feel comfortable and safe on our land. I planted a veggie garden this weekend and guess who ate most of the seeds already? You guessed it, the bunnies and birds. Oh well. I don't really want to put any kind of repellant out to keep them away, so I will have to wait and see if any of my seeds took. Silly birdies. :).
We watched the end of The Amazing Race and I was so glad of the outcome. I did not want Rob and Amber to win, since they already won $1M on Survivor and I also did not want Ron and Kelly to win because they really annoyed me. So, yay for the winners!
I still feel like I should be studying, it is hard to get out of that mode. I ordered my books for next semester today and they were under $100 total. Cheapest semester ever. And watch, I will not even use the book in one of my classes. It's a hands on kinda class, and in those classes, you rarely use the book you buy.
The weather was so perfect after work today. I love Michigan when the weather is nice, it is beautiful.
I am so thirsty. Off to get something cold.....

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