Saturday, June 25, 2005

Pregnant Woman Smoking at Local Church Festival

Won't be posting until Sunday, so need to post one last time! We are heading to Manistee for my friend Heidi's wedding, which is on Saturday. We are leaving in the morning and coming back on Sunday. Have a house sitter, as well as a pug sitter all lined up. Wish I could take them with me, but three in one small car is not a fun thing. :). The pugs do not "relax" in the car. They want to look out the window, kiss us, play.....So, they have to be with the babysitter for one day. They like it there anyway because they have their friends, Precious and Max to play with. Precious is also Oscar's girlfriend (the mother of his babies, hehe).

Had to turn in one of my last major assignments for Pre-Trial today. Now, all I have to do is my oral agument and I am DONE. Hooray!

Kurt and I went to the St. Charles Festival tonight. This is near our house at a Catholic Church. It is really fun every time we go. This time, we played blackjack and bingo and listened to a band that was actually really good. Played a lot of "known" songs, not their own stuff, but it was kewl as we knew like every song. We had a great time.

Oh, I got so pissed though. There was this girl walking, pregnant. Her significant other was walking near her, lighting up a smoke. This in itself annoyed me because I hate when anyone smokes near someone who is pregnant. Then, just as I was getting over being annoyed, i saw the PREGNANT girl light up a smoke. Thank God she was noplace near me because I would have had to make a comment. I could not have stopped myself. Ignorance, stupidity......Peoplee like that should not be allowed to have children until they undergo major counseling and more education. It was one of the dumbest things I have seen in forever.

Went to the mall after work and bought Kurt and I outfits for the wedding. I got a really cute skirt and tank top, with some gold colored flip flops, and I bought Kurt some Kenneth Cole pants and a really kewl shirt at Marshall Field's.

Gotta run, need to get some sleep, have an early morning wake-up.

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