Monday, June 20, 2005

Lack of Seeing the Big Picture

Class is so wearing on me lately, especially since i don't get home until like 10 at night. The depositions in class ALL seem to be lasting forever. It's like people don't have the ability to see the big picture with these things. The main point is to ask the important questions. Not every single possible question under the flipping sun. Students think their grade will be "better" if they have the longer dep, which I don't think is true at all. But, whatever, who am I to judge? Maybe I will flunk because mine was only about a half hour. We will see I guess.....Got my Answer back and got 100% on that, so yay!

Had to get up early today to register for classes. One of my classes I knew would fill up quickly, so I wanted to get in to it for sure and I did. Bad news though, Julia forgot to get up and register, so now she is on the wait list. 6th on the list, so I hope she gets in because it will be boring without her. :(. I am taking Family Law, Sports and the Law, Taxation, Alternative Dispute Resolution, and Insurance Law. It should be a fun semester.

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