Saturday, June 18, 2005

Ramblings on a Friday Night

Nothing really new to post, but, I always feel the need to post here on a regular basis.

Like when I was a little kid and I had this bedtime routine I had to follow. I had all these rules in my own head. I had to look under my bed, behind my door, in my closet.....If I did not do all these things, I thought someone would kidnap and kill me or hurt my family.

I think this all stems from one night the parents thought we were not listening to their conversation.......We lived in Milford at the time, so I was probably anywhere from 1st to 5th grade in age.......My sister and various cousins and I were playing in the living room (another amusing thing, we were making our own music video to Thriller; it's incredible how much fun we would have without TV, Playstation, and internet). Our parents told us all to lay down and try to sleep (it was late), but of course, none of us could. Too much caffeine and chocolate. So, we could hear my Uncle Jerry (my Mom's older brother) telling this story about a local kidnapping where someone had hid in this little girl's closet and came out after everyone was in bed, and took her. Her parents never knew anything happened til she was long gone. As soon as he finished his story, I heard someone say "Shhhh, the kids might hear." Nice thought, but I had already heard and was petrified. And stayed that way until I was probably in junior high.

When this first occured, I would sleep with my little sister at night because I was so scared....She was really nice to let me. She thought I was really odd and it was SO obvious to her that there was noone in our closet. I was convinced, even though I looked, that the person might be behind a coat, and I did not notice with my quick glance. She wanted to tell my Mom and Dad the reason I was scared, but I begged her not to because I thought I would get in trouble for listening in on adult conversation. So, we never told and eventually I got over it.

Which leads me to wondering, when I have kids, if I do, would I want more than one? My sister and I had a love/hate relationship. We were very close in age (she is two years younger), so while we harassed and wanted to kill eachother at times, we still always had a friend, someone to talk to, someone to play Monopoly with (although she ALWAYS quit in the middle of the game wihch drove me bonkers). We had someone to gossip with about how our Mom was such a clean freak, about the kids at school, about whatever. I wonder if only children miss out on that?

Speaking of missing children, I still really miss Daisy Lou. :(. Certain things really make me think of her. Like cereal. Odd, I know. But whenever I would eat a bowl of cereal, Daisy would sit right by me, patiently waiting for the milk. I would let her have it out of the bowl and it was like her favorite thing in the world. So now, every time I have cereal, I immediately look at the ground to see her begging me, and to talk to her, and she is not there. So, I don't even want to eat cereal anymore. It's awful. Hopefully, I can get over that since I love cereal. :).

Gotta go to bed. nightie!

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