Monday, June 27, 2005

Welcome to Manistee

Saturday morning we got up early to go to Manistee. Dropped the puggies off at the babysitter's house, and started on our way. The drive there was nice. We had the top down the entire trip, so I got some much needed sun. Got there, hung out with my Mom for a while, then got ready for the wedding.

The wedding was at Heidi's Dad's house, which is really nice. The ceremony was outside. They had an area of the yard all set up, next to this beautiful cliff that led down to a huge pond area. His house is the only house on the street, next to a golf course. Everything was beautiful. The bridesmaids wore a bluish color......

Between the ceremony and reception, we went back to my Mom's and Kurt took a nap. My Mom and I went and drove around Manistee, so I could see updates. We drove by both beaches and through town. There are so many different things. Even my Mom's house is like totally different.

The reception was at a local hall. It was a lot of fun. Once the DJ started, pretty much everyone there was on the dance floor almost the entire night. Kurt and I were at a great table as well with some people I knew. One was a girl that I knew because she went to undergrad with Heidi--her and her hubby are lawyers in IN, so of course, Kurt had someone to "not talk about work" with all night. And then, a friend of mine from high school, Kasey, was there with her hubby. I have not seen her since high school, so it was great to catch up. She lives in Traverse now and is a police officer with the K-9 unit, which I think is beyond kewl. The dog lives in her and goes to work with her every day. I am so jealous!

After the reecption, we met up with my Mom and stepDad at the casino in Manistee. There was a band there they wanted to listen to. Kurt and I ended up playing blackjack and walking around the casino, which is really, really nice. I won about $25.00. Yay!

Went to bed after that...Had breakfast the next morning with my Mom and stepDad. Drove home all day. Picked up the puggies and have been resting the remainder of the night.


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