Thursday, June 02, 2005

No Clue Where the Days Have Gone....

All my days are kinda a blur lately. I have no idea where this week went. It is Thursday night, and I don't even remember what I did most of this week. Sigh.
Went to the house we are buying this morning for the inspection. I did not stay for the entire inspection, as they email me the results anyway, but I stayed for a little bit to meet my Realtor who was coming to look at this place. We are going to go back again so she can take pics, and get it listed as soon as we close. Then, went to the office and had a rush document to get done, had to go downtown to court after that, then back to the office for the never ending phone calls I seem to be on lately. Left the office at around 6:30 p.m. for home.
Yesterday, after I got to school, I found out one of my classes was cancelled, so Julia and I went to the food court at Wayne to hang out and talk. It was fun, but we both got really tired and did not want to go to class. Class went late. I had to role play tonight as a witness--very funny because I am this submissive homemaker, which just about kills me to play as a part. At one point, I had to say something to the effect "That is not the proper thing for a wife to do...." I about gagged. My prof found it all amusing though, LOL. Love that class. Tomorrow, I have to defend a deposition in class. Should be interesting. :).
Watered all my trees tonight, which I love doing. So relaxing. I know, I am weird. But, you have to understand, I rarely get to do such mindless tasks. I love it. Saw tons of birds and baby bunnies galore. The bunnies must be having their babies right now because our yard is literally covered with bunnies today. They are so adorable and small. I need to buy some food for them for the yard to encourage them to come even moreso.

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