Sunday, June 05, 2005

Tickets and Ducks

Almost forgot in my last post........Our name (actually my stepMom's name who I entered for me) was drawn to get All Star tickets for July. I am so psyched. They are expensive enough on their own, and we thought for sure we would have to scalp them. went online and bought them today, and they are even in the lower deck, which totally rocks. For some reason though, we were only given two tickets, instead of the 4 we requested. Which is fine, but I wanted to be able to take two others with us if possible. Can't wait!
Oh, I was just outside watering trees (of course, it looks like it is going to downpour now), but while I was out there, I saw a female and male duck roaming in our yard. I ran inside to get Kurt and we watched them. I love all the animals coming into my yard, YAY!

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