Friday, June 17, 2005

Productive Day

We got a ton done at the office today. Kurt did not have court, and June is a pretty quiet month because everyone's kids just got out of school. So, I caught up some things. Not even close to being totally caught up, but some major things done.
We went after work and got a frame at Michael's for the artwork I bought a while back at the Fisher Theatre's art store. The frame is really, really nice and I got a really deep blue mat for it. It should be done in about two weeks and is going straight into my office! Yay! Also, finally ordered the two lights I wanted for our sunroom and kitchen. Can't wait to get those up.
Our bikes were finally delivered next week. But, they were delivered in large boxes, meaning we need to put them together! :). I still can't believe they were free! I can't wait to start taking long bike rides.
We have been watching the Democratic meeting today over The Downing Street Memo. We have been watching this unfold since the start, and are really glad it is starting to get more media attention. I am really curious to see how the Repubs are going to respond to this. This really is no good way to respond. They are so stuck between a rock and a hard place. Support Bush and his lies--or not support him and piss off your party. Either way, getting votes in the next election will be interesting for Congress people. After the election, I just became kinda indifferent about politics because I was so disgusted with the actions of the people in this country, voting the idiot back in. But, I am becoming slightly interested again. Not as much as Kurt is (he thinks this Memo is the downfall of Bush). I just have this feeling that noone (Repubs) really cares. The Repubs I know are so hardcore, I think Bush could rape someone or kill them, and the Repubs would have an excuse for it. Oh, it was a mistake. Oh, it was not really Bush who did it. So, we will see. It just annoys me because although I am a Democrat, if I found out a Democrat president did the things Bush has done and lied like he has all along, I would on longer be supporting him and sticking up for him. I would want answers. Its almost like Republicans just enjoy living the lie.
Laundry calling.

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