Monday, June 13, 2005

Art in the Rain

Got up today and went to an art fair with my two Aunts in Livonia at Greenmead. Did not get anything, but had fun looking at it all. Saw some jewelry I liked, but nothing that jumped out at me. Afterwards, went to SAMS Club and Tuesday Morning. They have Kurt's yogurt drinks sooo cheap at SAMS. It almost makes me want to get a membership again. He drinks a lot of those things, I could save a lot of money. But going to that store is SUCH a pain--lines, crowds......I will really have to think about it. Came home and went to Bath and Body Works for their semi-annual sale. Picked up 3 body sprays, several conditioners, shampoo, two lip glosses......I can't stop myself at that store, so I try to limit myself to the times of the year when the sales are going on. I love their hair care products. They work so well with my hair. So many conditioners do not detangle my hair and all their products do an awesome job. After that, headed to Becca's graduation party at Tammy and Tom's. Talked to Melanie a lot, and got to see Hollie, Jim, and some others, which was nice. After that, came home and spent the rest of the night with Kurty.

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