Saturday, June 11, 2005

You Won! (Amused)

I got an email from a friend the other day, it attached an article on Bush and Kerry's grades in college. Of course, the friend is a Republican who wholeheartedly supports Bush, no matter how effed up the world is right now. I seriously don't think the man could do ONE THING WRONG in some people's eyes. Anyway. My comment to her was I could care less what Bush or Kerry's grades are, because I don't equate anything to one's grades. Sure, it's fab and an accomplishment if you get good grades. I am not faulting the good students out there whatsoever. But frankly, I think really intellects are much of the time NOT the ones who are all anal about their grades have a 4.0. The people who have common sense street smarts, mixed with intellectual knowledge, are the people who can really make a difference in the world. Her comment back was something like "Well, it just goes to show how the liberal media, yet again, yada yada yada." It amuses me immensely how the Repubs love to throw around the words "liberal media". It truly sends me into hysterical giggling fits.
My question. Why are people still attempting to defend Bush and talk about the election? The fight is long over--He ALREADY won. It makes no sense that anyone is even talking about Kerry and his qualifications anymore. Bush won, you win, our country can continue to be all screwed up to the delight and support of Republicans nationwide. Yay for all of you.
It almost makes me think that there must be a reason people are still talking about the election and bashing anyone who is remotely left. Because they realize their "guy" is not doing a great job, bashing the enemy is way to make them "feel better about themselves." Which is fine. Go right ahead. I am actually enjoying watching Bush eff up. Over and over again. Popularity rating is almost lower then 40% now. I wonder why. Maybe some people are finally realizing he is not God (even though you would almost think he is the way he attempts to mix church and state).
Whatever happens, I don't care. He can't be elected again, and truly, I think ANY Republican in office would be better than how it is now.

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