Sunday, June 05, 2005

Party Time, :).

Because of my absoolutely insane schedule (see all previous posts), I don't get out that often to do what most people deem "fun" things. Like party with the girls. But, there was an excuse on Saturday night, and I had a blast (although I am paying for it today by being exhausted completely). One of my close friends from high school, Heidi, is getting married later this month, and one of her bridesmaids, Jess, threw a bachelorette party for her. Jess lives in Royal Oak and told us all to invite whomever we wanted, so I took Deanna along for the ride. Besides that fact that Deanna and I always have a complete and total blast when we go out together for a girls' night, she lives in Ferndale (about a mile from Royal Oak), and she was in desperate need of a night out as well.
So, earlier that day, I ran to the store to try and find something suitable to wear (ended up with a really cute outfit from Elder Beerman), and headed over to Deanna's to pick her up.
The party started with a party at Jessi's apartment for everyone to meet and mingle (as well as a presentation from a Pure Romance consultant). The people I knew: Betsie--Heidi's older sister; Monica--one of my other good friends from high school, Heidi--the bride, Charlene--a friend of Heidi's from undergrad. Met a lot of new people as well--friends of hers from undergrad, friends of hers from her life in Manistee now, friends of hers from chiropractic school, etc. We were actually a pretty intelligent, educated group of people which was fun--I think there were 5 doctors in the group, one lawyer, one soon to be lawyer (me), one business owner, etc. You never would have guessed it from the way we acted that night, LOL. Jess had rented a limo for everyone (about 12 of us I think, others met us up at the clubs), and we started the night out at JD's Key Club in Pontiac. Had a blast there. We requested "Like a Virgin" for Heidi and they made her go on stage and dance, so that was hilarious. She was a really good sport about it but embarassed, :). That was the point though. We headed next to our main spot for the night, Sevin: The Nightclub. Loved this place. We somehow got in through this VIP area. Which was very kewl. No paying to get in, no wait. The DJ was awesome, and we all, and I mean all, danced the night away. It was great that there was noone in the group that was anti-social, noone who did not dance, noone who got tired. Everyone got along fabulously and I loved all her friends. :). Drank more than I should have............But that's another story. One drink is too much for me, since I never drink, ;). Oh, and there was a special performance by Rockell, she sings that catchy song, "In a Dream". Of course, none of us, being drunk, realized who the heck it was until after the performance (we all kept dancing while everyone else stopped to watch and take pics. She was literally two feet away on a stage and we were like "whatever." Ha. Last 45 minutes of the night were spent at Tiki Bob's which was like 150 degrees inside, but we allieviated that by dancing on the bars. I think we had all seriously lost our minds by that point. Buy hey, it was fun. Took the limo back to the hotel, took Deanna home, and got home at night 4. Needless to say, I am still tired. But, had a wonderful time and it was great to see Heidi have such a blast at her party. Besides Deanna's party, I would have to say this was one of the best bachelorette partys I have ever attended.

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