Friday, June 17, 2005

Deposition Hell

I have to write in all black after the night I had on Wednesday. Had both of my classes. First class, got out early, great. Second class, I normally love. But this girl in my class did her deposition, and it went for like 2 hours straight. My prof did not have a time limit, but he should have one now. She kept asking the same things, over and over and over and over (I could go on). She did well, but she could have done well in a half hour and not gone on for two hours. We are not graded on the amount of time we can talk nonstop. Afterwards, some people in the class were telling her how amazing she was, yada yada. I now and thinking, great, everyone in the class is going to do REALLY long deps now. Just shoot me. On a positive note, Julia and I had fun playing hangman and writing notes back and forth. I finally turned on the Internet too and started surfing. I gave up being respectful and listening to every single flipping word she said. I was SOOOO happy to leave class that night. I can't even explain it.

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