Wednesday, June 08, 2005

No Strike, Apparently. ;).

We were all starting to think that the profs at Wayne were on strike since it took SOOOO long to get the Fall schedule out. But, yay, I went online tonight on a whim and there it was. I don't have to register until the 20th, but I really wanted to figure out what I was taking since I really need to make sure I take enough credits to graudate in May. I think I have it narrowed down to the following 14 credits (meaning I have to take 13 credits in Winter): Family Law, Sports and the Law, Taxation, Insurance Law, and Alternative Dispute Resolution. I just started looking, but since i have to work as well, I am limited on the times I can take class and sometimes get stuck taking classes I may not normally choose (i.e. Insurance Law). But, it sounded way more interesting than Securities Regulations, so I think I will be going with that. This will be my first semester with 5 classes. Not my first with 14 credits, but my first with 5 classes, so we will see how that goes. One class has a take home final, so that helps.
Took Gretel to the vet today for her last "puppy" appointment. She got a rabies shot and a distemper vaccine. She is so good at the vet, it's hilarious. I tell them she only acts that way at the vet. She is the devil at home. I thought for sure she would come home and be tired, but she is running around harassing the boys, like usual.
Watered all the trees and am working on my deposition questions for class tomorrow. Oh, and this weather, is driving me nuts. It is like a flipping furnace outside.

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