Tuesday, June 14, 2005

And I am in a GOOD mood today! Seriously!

Some things really annoy me. Let’s make a list, shall we?

1. People who constantly use big words. Kurt and I have basically deemed all these people closet idiots. If you consistently use big words in every day conversation/emails/whatever, you totally are out to prove your intelligence. Hence, if you are not confident in your intelligence and have to "prove" it to others, you are most likely a raving idiot. There is a time and place for the use of words that nobody else understands. For example, a courtroom, a business meeting, a doctor’s office. Not while eating at McDonald’s.

2. Bad Friendships. I have a hard time "letting go" of friendships. Even when they get to the point where you can’t stand the other person, I remember the good times of the friendship and don’t want to just cut ties completely (which I really should do sometimes). Ask Deanna, she can totally vouch for me on this one. She has told me 800 million times that I am too forgiving, and too nice to people who treat me like total crap, but do I listen? No. Someone please put me out of my misery. I am much better than I used to be though. I have now learned to not trust these people ever again and if they come and go, if does not affect me whatsoever because I know who my real friends are.

3. Fake People. This relates to Number two. Most of these so-called friends come and go. They love ya one minute, are indifferent the next, hate you the next. I know my true friends because they are consistent. I think that is important in friendship, consistency. If you have a prob, speak your mind. Don’t just become a "sometimes" friend, people. That is not a friend AT ALL. And don’t act fake towards others, because this is truly just a waste of time and energy for all involved.

4. Professional Courtesy. I deal with attorneys and professionals on a regular basis, and watch their behavior. Most attys are totally kewl, they understand that the paralegals and secretaries are the real ones running the office, and will deal with you on cases. But every so often, there is that totally snobby atty who will ONLY talk to Kurt or an atty at the office. Which is beyond stupid. I mean, how long has this person been an atty? Don’t they know that the staff usually knows more details than the atty about the case? They learn pretty quickly, as when Kurt gets on the phone, he usually forwards the call back to me so I can deal with whatever the issue is. Also, I have noticed attys treated courtroom staff like crap, yelling at them, whatever. Now this is downright idiotic. Once you are on the "bad list" at the court, you can never, ever get what you want from those clerks! SUCK UP PEOPLE!

5. Owning a Pet. I am on this weblist where I get emails of things for sale, things people are giving away in the area and PETS keep getting sent on there. When you get a pet, it is YOURS FOR LIFE. Stop giving away your pets because of allergies. There is amazing proven technology called ALLERGY SHOTS AND PILLS! Stop giving them away because you are pregnant and can’t handle it anymore. I keep getting those emails. You think you can take care of a baby if you can’t handle a small dog? Give me a break. I feel sorry for that kid. Stop locking your dogs in cages outside in 90+ degree weather. I have seen this in our area. Stop hitting/abusing your animals. You need to go to jail. Animals are your children. Would you beat your kid and not get in trouble for it? I don’t think so. Stop putting your animals asleep because you can’t afford the treatment. Would you kill your human child because the treatment was "just too pricey?" People sometimes make me want to vomit.

6. Clients. 1 message is enough. If you call a doctor or an atty or other professional, please call and leave ONE message. They will get it, and will return your call when they get a chance. Leaving numerous messages most likely is only annoying everyone at the office and your call will probably get put at the BOTTOM of the pile.

7. Salespeople. If I say no, I mean no. Stop bugging me. We will get calls or visits from people trying to sell things. I am busy. If I say no, please leave. I don’t want to be rude at all, but I will if I have to be. You are never going to talk me into anything I don’t want. Ever. I am a salesperson’s nightmare. Kurt and I also have a rule that with any kind of major purchases, we generally sleep on it and talk it over. So, your "extra incentives" and "freebies" to sign up today are not going to work. We would rather be confident in our decision than get a free month’s advertising.

8. Children. I hate screaming kids in restaurants/stores. I added the word "screaming", because if you have a well behaved child who sits and eats properly (as my sister and I always did), I am down with that. It is almost like mothers have learned how to completely tune out their kids, not realizing that their screaming, running around, etc. is driving everyone else INSANE. It really is the fault of the parents involved. For example, my friend Deanna and her husband would immediately get up and leave if their son, Ben, started getting hyper and not sitting still. My Mom, when I was a baby, would immediately leave the restaurant if I were crying. But not most of these parents where we are eating. They think it’s "cute" their kid is yelling, and oh so intelligent that little Bobby is repeatedly yelling his ABCs. Just shoot me. We actually have started to ask to be sat in sections where there are the least amount of children. I get weird looks, but hey, who really wants to sit next to the screaming kids?

9. Phones. The cell phone has gotten way out of control. It started out as being used for emergency purposes for others, and has turned into…I don’t even know the words to use here. Turn off your phone in restaurants, or at least put it on vibrate. There cannot be anything that important that you need to have random conversations while dining with others. I can understand if you have an actual emergency-like reason to have your phone on, but discussing your daily activities in a public place on a cell phone is tacky and disrespectful and completely trashy. Also, if you are out shopping with others, or at a movie, or WHATEVER, please respect that person enough to not carry on long conversations. I have one person I know, when I previously went out with them, would answer their phone and carry on like 20-minute conversations. About nothing. At all. They rarely saw me as I am so busy, but when they did, about half the time was spent making calls, chatting on their phone. Oh, and the checking the voice mail and text message constantly. When you do that, you make others you are with feel completely worthless. This same person who answered their phone would also look at their cell phone about every 5, no make that 2, seconds to see if they had a message. GET A LIFE people. Can you say OCD? Your life must be pretty sad if it revolves around your cell phone and the horoscope text message you get once a day.
10. Church and State. Everyone out there, including our current fabulous president (haha), who continually try to mix church and state by giving money to faith based organizations, etc.
11. Meat. I don't eat meat. And the reason? I don't want to kill animals for my own nutritionally based purposes when it is not necessary. Everyone please stop trying to explain to me why you don't think this is logical. I don't care. I will continue to not eat meat. I don't care if you think my not eating meat is going to make the cow population explode and the world come to an end. It cracks me up when people are actually offended by the fact that I don't eat meat. Seriously, why would you care? A really amusing argument by others is that I am supposed to follow the Bible, which supposedly says you HAVE to eat meat. Great interpretation there. Somehow, I don't think God is going to shoot me down because I consume Boca burgers and Morningstar sausage instead of the real thing.

Anyway. This will most likely be an ongoing list and I think of more things to add. If you have any ideas or happen to know me really well and think I am forgetting something, LOL, let me know and I will make additions! :).

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