Sunday, June 19, 2005

Weekends in Paradise

Any weekend not working is a "weekend in paradise". :). To me anyway.

Yesterday, I went to two art fairs with Auntie--one in Canton, one in Northville. The one in Canton was awful. It goes downhill each year. I used to like it at one point in time. Northville was good though, and i ran across a vendor i really like--bought a new silver chain and glass pendant. Also, bought this really cute "thing" for my front porch--really can't explain what it is, but very kewl.

After that, Kurt and I headed back to Canton to have dinner with Cliff and Lisa for Cliff's 31st b-day. We bought him a dart board he wanted from Target. We ate at this place called "The Melting Pot" in Troy. It was really different, I have never eaten at a place quite like it. It reminded me of Benihana's a little bit. All of your food is cooked on your table, but you don't have to sit with a group of others, like at Benihana's. They were a great place for vegetarians--they allowed Kurt and I to take a meal and substitute in veggie options instead of meat. The dessert was fabulous. We were beyond full when we left. Kurt and I had "The Colossal", which I highly recommend. We had it with all lobster, shrimp and tuna. Yum.

Today, after all the events of yesterday, I have been chilling on the couch attempting to research more for my paper. Just watched the Tigers win! Go Tigers!

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Shannon said...

That menu is amazing..what a wine list! The chocolate fondues all sounded heavenly!--the prices aren't too bad either. Sounds like fun!