Saturday, June 11, 2005

Construction Crazy

Construction is driving me bonkers. I went downtown today to file some things at court, and on the way back, I hit construction in 3 different places on the Lodge and 75. And an accident held things up. WHY oh why do people have to get in accidents during construction?
Anyway. Went to an art fair at Heritage Park in Taylor with my Aunt. The art fair, for the most part, was not that exciting. But, I did find a couple great things. First, I bought a pinkish colored pendant for my silver chain from a guy who actually lives in Newport. How funny. His company is called Daisy Gems. Next, I bought some really cute earrings, and another necklace, as well as a really cute "wavy" silver chain from another vendor. Then, had to get something for the doggies, so I got them some natural doggy treats from a vendor who has a place called Doggy Deli. Came home and took a walk around the property with Auntie, and Kurt, Gretel and I showed her the new trees. Then, we had dinner and she went home. I am tired. The heat wears me out! :).

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